Wedge wire

Wedge wire products, like flat and bended screens, drums, cylinders, etc..


We have a large stock of flat wedge wire screen panels in various slot openings. With our laser cutting machine we can accurately cut these screens in any desired size and shape. On request, these screens can also be rolled and provided with edge profiles.

In addition to our stock screen panels, we can supply flat and curved screen panels, drums, cylinders, etc. in almost any desired size and slot opening.

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Slot openings

  • 50 µm to 10 mm
  • Configurations


    • screen wires and support bars in various sizes
    • AISI 304 (stock material)
    • AISI 316L
    • Duplex
    • Super Duplex
    • Hastelloy
    • UB6 / 904L
wedge wire

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